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Gip Trade has been producing and processing rubber for 20 years. We offer all types of O-ringsrubber membranes, rubber grommets and gaskets. Regardless of whether you need products for industrial or household purposes, given our vast experience and long tradition of working with rubber, we are able to cover all demands of the modern market. This means that we can easily adjust to producing small or large series. All of our rubber products are resistant to all solvents, gasses, petroleum products, etc. We are long-time manufacturers of a complete range of rubber products for the MOLVICIO AC-15 gas regulator, produced by Molvik from Samobor.

We offer the option of manufacturing rubber goods made to order according to samples, blueprints or sketches, complete with mould-making and the service of product development.

Rubber products

Rubber products


The membrane of rubberized canvas

The membrane for installation in gas regulator Molvicio AC-15, made ​​of rubberized canvas thickness of 0,2 mm.

Membrane enhance rubberized cloth

A reinforced membrane consisting of a layer of rubberised NBR canvas and a layer of rubber compound. The Molvicio AC-15 gas regulator membrane.

Rubber membranes for pneumatic valves

Rubber O-rings

O-rings made ​​of EPDM, NBR or silicone compound used for mounting the gas meters, water meters or sealing water and gas installations.

Rubber grommet