About us | Gip Obrt


Gip Trade is a family business located in Molvice, 6 km from the town of Samobor. We have been involved in the manufacturing sector for a number of years, with an initial interest in products intended for the gas industry and the industry of aluminium and plastic packaging and subsequently in the production of cardboard packaging.

For the gas industry, we produce rubber membranes reinforced with rubberised canvas, all types of O-rings and various pure rubber, rubber-metal and rubber-canvas parts. Here you can find pump membranes for farm tractor sprayers and other rubber parts, such as various gaskets, O-rings and rubber bumpers.

For the packaging industry, we produce plastic caps for laminate and aluminium tubes, such as tempera, sunscreen, medication and various automotive lubricant tubes.

We manufacture a complete range of die cut packaging and transport cardboard packaging out of all types of corrugated cardboard, die cut polypropylene plastic packaging for the pharmaceutical industry and decorative cardboard boxes for packaging and decorating products as gift packages.

Our activities include the production of tools for the injection moulding of plastics, the production of moulds for the processing of raw materials and die cutting tools for the production of cardboard boxes, all according to our clients’ designs, blueprints and requirements.

Transport box for tubes